Hurukuro: 11 ways to make others happy

When was the last time you did something to make someone else happy?

Research shows that this kind of altruistic behavior has some serious benefits. A 2013 study out of University of Wisconsin-Madison found that when co-workers helped their fellow employees, they were more likely to stay committed to their work and less likely to quit. These giving employees were also happier than their non-giving co-workers.

Another study from the University of Exeter Medical School found that volunteering can improve one’s mental health and prolong one’s life span. Subjects in the study who volunteered compared to those who did not were said to have lower levels of depression and a better sense of well-being and life satisfaction.
Hurukuro: 11 ways to make others happy
Interestingly enough, a 2013 Harris poll also found that just 33 percent of Americans define themselves as "very happy," which is down from the 35 percent found in 2009. So there’s definitely something there that benefits us when we do good for others.

A recent post on asked users in the community to share stories of their favorite ways to improve someone else's day. The responses ranged from little everyday things to grand gestures, with the more creative and interesting ones voted to the top of the post.

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