How do I use Prophet E. Makandiwa's the anointing oil

QUESTION:- admin i wanna ask. i got the anointing oil but i don't know how to use it. my brother is ufic but im spirit embassy. can u kindly pliz tell me the instructions

ANSWER:- Thank you very much for the question Chipo.Its not very clear where you got the anointing oil but let me assume you got it from Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

If you attended the service where the oil was given at Chitungwiza(iam saying if because some took it on behalf of others who were not there),you will remember that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa emphasised on attending the services that followed up in order to get the series of instructions on how to use the oil,to date he still touches on the subject as he teaches other things.

At one time he also mentioned that he didn't advertise the oil deliberately for that reason of avoiding giving it to brothers and sisters who won't have an opportunity to hear the sermons with the instructions because it might not work on them as good as on those who would have followed up on the instructions.
How do I use Prophet E. Makandiwa's the anointing oil
The Prophet did NOT forbid any believer from receiving it though.There can be a challenge of ending up following too many instructors,because it can be a season of oil in church A and be a season of water in church B.This situation can leave one in an almost confused state where you can end up holding a bottle of water or oil that has taken a new direction in terms of instruction because you might not have been present again when things took a new twist.

Anyway the best would be to visit the UFIC church offices and get the dvds of the teachings and instructions on the oil and you should then make sure you get a dvd of every sermon thereafter in order not to miss a statement on the precious oil.

Thank you

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