How did Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa become a Prophetess?

QUESTION:-Hi Admin, i don't mind if you post my name.You explain how Prophet Makandiwa was made a Prophet by God a long time ago and i agree with you. My question is how did Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa become a Prophetess?

ANSWER: Thanks very much for a very good question Tafadzwa Gutu.The story is similar to that of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa with little differences though.Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa was a Prophetess a long time back,there are many witnesses that can testify to this just like in Prophet's case,it was only when they met their father that they were confirmed Prophet and Prophetess.

These are not just names my dear,she sees and hears,the only challenge that we have as children of God is we have our own definition of what or who a Prophet or Prophetess is as well as how they operate or prophecy.
How did Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa become a Prophetess?

I am not sure which church you go to but the issue is you might not have seen or heard her prophesying publicly 'though she has done that' because she respects her husband who is her covering and the visionary.
She leaves the prophesying to Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa,even though she has prophesied to many in the church.I remember at one ladies service when she called out names,prophesying to the ladies who were in that conference.Ask those who are part of a UFIC group called Zone 10,she prophesied to people left right and centre when that group had invited her to their gathering at Morgan High School.These are the two incidences that i have personally witnessed but they are many others where i was not present.
If you really look at it she does it when her Prophet who is Prophet Emmaunel Makandiwa is not present because of the level of respect she has for him.

God made them a couple for a reason and he new Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa would need a Prophetess for a wife because he is a mistry himself and with the level of Prophetic grace upon his life,no "Mrs" was going to be able to be his helper.Knowing what a Prophet needs and the time he needs it requires a Prophetess for a wife and God called her into the Prophetic even before their marriage,thats how she knew the correct person to say "yes" to when she met the Prophet.
It wasn't automatic like what you silently asked,but it was God's plan.

Thank you

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