Ex soldier catches wife in bed with another woman

A FORMER soldier went berserk, allegedly destroying property, smashing cars and assaulting a man whom he found being intimate with his wife on their matrimonial bed.

The ex-soldier’s wife, Lisa Mutengwa, had reportedly returned home with Zvisineyi Kamwaya, whom she had met at Manor Hotel. Mutengwa was in the company of an unnamed friend who had also picked up a male companion, Stephen Rungano Mubaiwa.

When the ex-soldier, Mduduzi Mabhena (24) returned home, he says he saw a car parked outside his house and the light in the bedroom was on. He then peeped though a window, only to find his wife sleeping on top of Kamwaya.

Mabhena, with the help of a friend, Phakamani Moyo — a soldier — then allegedly went berserk, assaulting Kwamaya, before destroying household property. The ex-soldier allegedly used a braai stand mesh wire to scratch and bruise his wife’s lover, before rolling him on the tarmac.
Seeing that her lover was being assaulted, Mutengwa fled and hid in Phakamani Nkomo’s room, a fellow tenant in their Mpopoma house.

But a raging Mabhena would not be perturbed as he allegedly broke down a door, pulled down curtains and broke cups. Mabhena and Moyo then allegedly turned their fury to Rungano’s car, smashing the windscreen, puncturing two front tyres and breaking the ignition key and the dashboard.

Ex soldier catches wife in bed with another woman
Mabhena has since appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Temba Chimiso facing two counts of malicious damage to property and one of assault.

On the first count, he allegedly destroyed property worth $18, while on the second he damaged a vehicle. The damage to the vehicle was put at $600. On the last count, Mabhena and Moyo were jointly charged with assault, but were remanded out of custody until the State can produce a medical report.

In his defence, Mabhena said he had found his wife sleeping with Kamwaya and he had acted in anger.

“I saw my wife and her lover through the window cuddling and then they started having sexual intercourse. That is when I barged in and waited for him to get dressed,” he said. “I admit to the charges levelled against me. I broke the front windscreen and punctured two front tyres of the man’s car after l caught him sleeping with my wife,” he said.

The accused is set to appear in court today for sentencing on the first two counts. Whatmore Tembo prosecuted.

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