Dreams: Hurukuro NaProphet Walter Magaya

Songs of Solomon 1:6
Do not look upon me, because I am dark, Because the sun has tanned me. My mother’s sons were angry with me; They made me the keeper of the vineyards, But my own vineyard I have not kept.

Psalm 127:2
2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.

A dream is given to people whilst they are sleeping. We are all granted sleep but the difference is whether you received or not. The bible is saying that God gives His own in their sleep before it manifests in the physical. A human being is more spiritual whilst they are in their sleep and it is the easiest for God to operate in because He is spirit. When you are going to sleep God is giving you a vision that can change your life.

Most if not all successful people had dreams and it is those dreams that they followed and they became successful. Everyone has a dream but others do not value them hence they do not benefit from them. If you are not careful you will die labouring for others whilst your own dream dies away. You might have a dream or vision but you need to act upon it and work it out and not just shelf it.

The demon of poverty is very tricky in that it can enter into a church and it leaves unnoticed. It can allow you to help others whilst you remain poor. You can be so colonized by poverty you become comfortable in your poverty. Most people are rich in the spirit but very poor in the physical. You need to know how to bring dreams into being.

You do not just dream for the sake of dreaming, a dream can be transferred to a proper vision and that vision can transform your life. When God allowed you to sleep He wanted to give you something and it is up to you to receive it. The other thing that destroys dreams is procrastination. Starting a business is not limited to capital but planning. If you plan dreams mount in you until you achieve them. The book of Songs of Solomon mentions that this person laboured for others but did nothing of his own. You cannot die labouring for other people’s success whilst you remain poor.

 Dreams: Hurukuro NaProphet Walter Magaya
You can never go beyond your fears so you need to cast out any element of fear in you, then only can you become successful. Running a business does not necessarily mean that you have the ability or skill to do everything involved but you can employ those that are equipped to do so and they run with your vision.

You should have ideas on how you can make money and God will bless you. The problem with society today is that it expects money miraculously without necessarily working towards attaining it. Business is simply coming up with the right strategies that will enable you to take money from those around you. You should be equipped on how to make money not ask for money.

Joseph had a dream and he told his brothers and they immediately knew that he would rule over them. The dream is what led his brothers into hating him, it was not logical because it was only a dream but that is how important dreams are because everything starts there. The power of a dream is not in a dream but in the interpretation. Learn to interpret the way you want, do not take dreams for granted. Someone can have a dream whilst they are running and they actually sweat physically because the spirit will be in action. Whatever you dreamt of must come into manifestation.

When you receive a dream or a vision pursue it until you are able to see it physically bring it into manifestation. A great sign of poverty is that a person does not enjoy life and they are always complaining. Most marital problems emanate from poverty as well. Whatever vision you were given by God requires your effort you need to pursue the dream on your own and ensure you secure it on your own. A salary cannot buy you luxury, you need to open your eyes and make money.

There are six things you need to acknowledge in life in order for them to work for you.
1. Calvary
2. Wounds
3. Cross
4. Striping
5. Resurrection
6. Light
If you do not recognize Calvary you will not be delivered. If you do not acknowledge Jesus’ wounds you will not be healed. If do not recognize His stripping then you will remain poor. You need to recognize the above in order for you to benefit from them. You might wonder how you acknowledge them you do so when you pray confessing that He was stripped for your riches.

Put your dreams into action and then only can they manifest. The anointing that is about to come over your life is an anointing that will bring all your dreams into fruition. Before the year ends you should set an example of wealth in your society not poverty. It is a year of taking over!

Whatsoever dream or vision that you had must be fulfilled in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Your problems must push you closer to your dreams.

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