Dancer caught naked with a married man

A dancing queen was last Thursday shamed after she was caught naked with a married man. Valentine Hungwe claimed to be a member of the Pala Fala dancing queens but group’s manager disowned her.

Valentine was caught at in Datya Crescent in Old Mabvuku with Denny Showera. Four used condoms are said to have been found in the love nest. Scores of people mobbed the house intending to mete instant justice.

The dancing queen was however saved by the landlord who locked the doors. There was drama when she was released around 7 pm, with people engaging in song, chanting “hure” and she could not escape without a few slaps.

Showera’s wife is said to be heavily pregnant and expecting and it seems he could not wait and decided to hire Valentine for US$2.
Dancer caught naked with a married man

“His wife is in Tafara and she is expecting. She (Valentine) had been milling around this place and we later saw her getting in around 2pm and Denny’s wife came and ambushed them. She found them naked,” a source said.

“Denny then escaped leaving her to face the music, (Mukadzi anga ari kumba kwavo kwaakasungirwa, iye akutora pfambi)” said a close relative.

Valentine was also caught with Showera’s wife necklace on her bra which no one knows whether she had stolen it or had given as part of their contract. Valentine admitted to getting in the house but denied having slept with Denny. She also said she never knew that he was married.

“We just met and he lured me to come to his house. We got in around 2pm and his wife came and caught us. Denny then escaped, leaving me alone. Angoti mukadzi auya achibva atiza. I don’t know that he was married.

“I did not know anything about the condoms. Yes I had the necklace, ndaitorera Denny,” she said.

Spotting a wedding ring on her finger, Valentine said she was once married and has a child. Valentine later shifted goal posts saying she was in love with Denny’s friend, identified as Jerry.

She alleged that Jerry had brought her to the house saying he stays with Denny as friends and that Denny also had a girlfriend in the house.

“I came with Jerry around 2pm and Denny had his girlfriend. The two guys then walked Denny’s girlfriend out, leaving me in the house. Denny came back and we just sat. Zvanga zvakaita mumba ndangoti vanogara vese zveshuwa kwete zvekuti manga makatsvaitwa,” she said.

She accused Denny of betraying her by escaping after his wife arrived.

“Ndashaya kuti atizei papinda mukadzi wake; zvekuita kunge pane zvanga zvichiitika pakati pedu apo iye anga ainemumwe musikana,” she said.

She later cried foul saying Denny’s relatives had called her boyfriend, discrediting her.

“Vafonera mukomana wangu weku Cranborne vachiti musikana wako abatwa nemurume wemunhu kuMabvuku,” she said.

The relatives disputed suggestions that Denny might have been sex-starved, saying his wife had slept at the house and had left the place in the morning.

“Nzara yei iye mukadzi akarara naye akafuma achienda,” queried a relative. The relatives accused Denny of disrespecting his wife by taking the alleged hooker into their matrimonial bedroom.

“Mukadzi asiya awacha nekutsvaira mumba, iye avakusara akutora pfambi, kuwana macondom akashanda ari pasi.”

Some alleged that Valentine later sought police help to recover her cell phone which she alleged had been confiscated during the scuffle.

Meanwhile Denny apologised to his wife who said she is still to make her decision whether to give him a second chance or leave him for good. H Metro

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