Daily bread with Prophet Walter Magaya: The mathematics of giving Proverbs.19:17[NKJV]

17 He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD, And He will pay back what he has given.

Ref: Matthew.6:1-4
1“Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them. Otherwise you have no reward from your Father in heaven.2 Therefore, when you do a charitable deed, do not sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory from men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. 3 But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 that your charitable deed may be in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.

Good morning God’s children!
Mangwanani vanhu vaMwari!
Mwana wemuporofita ita Aaaamen anobhowa satan!

The subject I have today is not an easy one to the ears and hearts of many. It is not my first time to teach on this subject and I will continue to do so until we are all liberated from the spirit of poverty. I have seen people drawing long faces in churches when the subject is mentioned. However, the giving I want to talk about is not only confined to the church but to the society in general. I am also going to explain it in such different way that many of you will graduate from Form-4F to 4A.

A look at the above verses (in Proverbs) clearly shows that when you give to the poor or needy the Lord rewards you abundantly. The subsequent verses in Matthew emphasise the need to give with humility and without sounding any trumpet or going over the mountain telling the world that you have given to someone in need. The Bible is emphasising the need to give in private and only give in public when you have a lesson to teach to the world (like men of God do so in church to teach the congregants) or when the situation cannot wait for privacy.
Daily bread with Prophet Walter Magaya: The mathematics of giving Proverbs.19:17[NKJV]
The issue is not about pride or to be known by the world that you gave to someone in need. Our God the Almighty knows when we give and He knows the equation of giving and its rewards. God does not change or divert from His word, Psalms.89:34 says exactly that. The book of Luke.6:38 says, give and it will be given back to you, multiplied, shaken and overflowing.

I do not want spend much time circling on this subject lest you lose interest and thereby get out of track. Put simply the subject of giving goes like this, let me help someone here. Give to the needy people in order to be counted among the rich. Iva nevarombo kana vanoshaiwa vako kuti iwe ugoverengwa kuvapfumi. Already someone in Form-4F is saying, “how can I give when I do not have?” To be counted among the rich does not begin by being rich but by giving others in need of what you have no matter how little.

Am I speaking to you?

“Prophet, what are you saying? How can I be called rich when I do have very little?” The Bible says, let the poor say, I am rich and let the sick say I am healed. The issue begins with a confession by word of your heart that you are rich even if you are not. The little you have confirms you to be rich (by actions) through giving someone in need. Am I talking to someone here? Uripanapa here iwewe?

What comes first is your desire to give and that desire is confirmed by your practical generosity to assist others even when you have little. It begins by the faith in action. Then the Lord places you to the class of the rich people. Once classified as rich, it means the measure of your blessings is multiplied, shaken and overflowing. Why does God do this? There are two reasons, the first one is that God has seen a generous heart that can help others when in need and one who does so with humility without shouting or bragging in front of the whole world.

Are you here?

Secondly, God knows very well that it would be difficult to carry out your act of giving generously when you do not have the required resources. In order for the needy to be consistently supplied, you the giver must have the resources in abundance. You are like an oasis in the desert, since there is nowhere else people and animals can draw water in the desert, God knows that thirst can kill, therefore He will ensure the oasis does not run dry. Dengu rechingwa chako harizopwi kuitira vanorarama newe. You do not have to be rich first in order to give, but you start by giving the little that you have. Also do not give in order to be rich but give in order to please someone and to please God.

Those enriched by God do not desire to keep riches to themselves. They get overjoyed by the art of giving. The moment you give to someone, God will count you among the rich and rewards you abundantly in order for you to continue giving without running out of resources. Giving attracts restoration in multiplication form. The moment you start withholding what you have, is the very moment subtraction by division begins in your life. Ukangotanga kunyima, hurombo hwatotanga muupenyu hwako.

Are you here?
Let me go deeper. Once you receive from anyone, you are already counted among the poor but you redeem the poverty by giving to the next person in need. That means, the more you receive from others means you also have to redeem the poverty often times by giving out. A poor person is the one who receives but does not pass on to others.

Batisisa dzidziso iyi. Uyo anopiwa rubatsiro kana chipo nemumwe, akasawana chaanopawo mumwe ave kutoverengwa kuvarombo.

It does not mean that when you receive $50.00 you have to give someone $50.00. No! Neither does it say you must return to the one who gave you. You can identify someone and assist him or her with a certain amount or a different gift not necessarily money. The phrase, “thank you” from the recipient’s mouth is enough confirmation that you have renounced your poverty status to maintain your rich status. However, there are others who when helped are still too proud to say, “thank you” – I have heard someone saying, “marwa” simply because he/she does not want to say, “thank you”. Unoomera ne”thank you” chaiyo! No wonder you are poor because if you cannot give a “thank you” what more anything of material?

It does not matter, how much you have been given, it can be a million United States dollars, but as long you keep every cent to your expenditure you are counted among the poor and your money will subtract by division. You are likened to someone who is seeding but you have to be careful where you seed, the soil must be fertile soil. I mean give for a productive purpose in that person’s life. Giving someone to buy beer or cigarettes is not seeding on fertile soil. Giving someone in order for him to be promiscuous is akin to seeding on infertile soil. Identify a genuine need and usually your heart tells you so.

The equation is like this:
a) Receiving without subtraction (ungenerous) = subtraction by division (poverty)
b) Receiving with subtraction (generous) = addition by multiplication (rich)

The above 2 opposing equations can apply to any environment and to any person, even a non-Christian can have wealth that multiplies through giving out what he has to the needy. No wonder at times a visitor comes to church and makes a pledge or pays towards a certain project in church and within a short time he receives double-double blessings in his life while you the member of the church remains stagnant.

Africa has remained poor despite the vast resources that it has because it has been receiving from the external donors for a very long time. When the Americans and Europeans give to Africa they are busy partaking and maintaining their wealth status while Africa keeps on going down the drain of poverty and misery. Until we start helping other nations we will be counted among the poor nations because we are receiving without giving out.

Ibva wadzidza kuti haupi kuti ungobatsira mumwe munhu asi kuti urikugadzirisa upfumi hwako. Kupa kunobatsira iwe, akubatsire waurikupa. Giving does not benefit the recipient but you the giver. Thank God for being able to give. Ukangopiwa usingapewo (uchinyima) urikupfeka bhachi reurombo. Ukaita sechapungu chisingadonhedze minhenga unofa uri murombo. Do not think you are simply giving but remember you are partaking and maintaining your wealthy status. Make it a habit of giving and the Lord will ensure that you have sufficient reserves to cater for the poor and the needy when they come to you. Do not spend more than 3 days without giving anything to anyone after you have received from someone, but you do not need to receive first in order to give. The best is to identify regular needy or poor people and God will supply you regularly in abundance.

If you are a regular and generous giver your resources will not run dry because there are the needy and the poor who rely on you. God will ensure you have surplus resources so that when the needy come to you for help you have sufficient resources to give them but it starts by giving the little you have to be counted among the rich.

If you can be blessed by giving another person, what more when you give to the house of God? What more do you think you can reap when you support the work of God? Each time you give to anyone or the house of God, do not just give without prayer. Simply do a small prayer inside your heart as follows or somehow similar the same effect: “FATHER I THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING ME IN ORDER TO GIVE AT THIS MOMENT. I THANK YOU MY JESUS FOR GIVING ME SO THAT I CAN GIVE. I THANK YOU FOR CLASSIFYING ME AS RICH. I THANK YOU FOR ADDING BY MULTIPLICATION TO THIS SUBTRACTION THAT I AM ABOUT TO DO. I RECEIVE MORE RICHES FROM YOU MY LORD. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN.

Be careful as well when you give, the above verses have clearly stated that if you go about telling people about your giving, the people will give you the praise but that is all you will get because God does not reward a proud giver. Chaunowana ipembedzo kubva kuvanhu asi hapana maropafadzo anobva kunaMwari.

If you are a regular and generous giver your resources will not run dry because there are the needy and the poor who rely on you. God will ensure you have surplus resources so that when the needy come to you for help you have sufficient resources to give them but it starts by giving the little you have to be counted among the rich.

There you are children of God. I have tried to explain the subject in a simpler way and I hope you have graduated from Form-4F to 4A. If you are still in 4F, honestly I think you need a rocket scientist to break it further down for you but I believe Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the best teachers.

Shout, “Poverty OUT! Let there be light! I am a cheerful giver! I am rich!
I am taking over!
My life is turning around this month!
I am rich and I am blessed!”

Glory be to God - Mbiri kunaJesu.

Let there be light – the light that pushes away darkness.
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