Daily bread with Prophet W. Magaya: The doubting Thomases

Scripture: John.6:35-36 [NKJV]

35 And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. 36 But I said to you that you have seen Me and yet do not believe.

Good morning the flock of Jesus Christ!
Mangwanani vanhu vaMwari!
Hareruya vanhu vaMwari!
Kana uri mwana wemuporofita ita Aaaamen inobhowa satani!

When the disciples of Jesus asked Him for the signs that proved He was truly the Son of God, it seems they had forgotten that just recently He had performed miracles right in front of them and they had seen them with their real eyes. Jesus had turned water into wine [John2:7-8]. He had healed the official’s son at Capernaum in Galilee. He healed a crippled man at Bethesda in Jerusalem. He had done several miracles in their presence and many people followed Him because of His signs and miracles, yet His disciples asked Him, what signs could He perform so that they could believe in Him. Surprisingly, the previous day of the scripture in question, Jesus had fed more than 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish. And that same day in the evening he had walked on water but they were asking for signs to believe in him!

That is the same situation with many of us today. We have read the Bible and the word has been preached to us but still we do not believe. We have been taught beyond no doubt that there is power in the word of God and that God’s word is alive today as it was before and forever but we still doubt in the word. We have been taught that God does not alter or reverse His word [Psalms.89:34], what He said came to pass and will continue to pass in our lives but some of us still do not believe. We still see the word of God as history or narrations of events that merely took place some 2000 years or so back.
Daily bread with Prophet W. Magaya: The doubting Thomases
Uripanapa here iwewe?

Some of us still do not believe in the men of God in our lives. We fail to believe God’s word through them because we do not have faith in them as true men of God. We judge them with our human wisdom and knowledge yet the Bible says, do not judge others lest you be judged [Mathew.7:1-5]. We gather every Sunday in your church but we still do not believe in the word from the man of God.

Above all, many have been privileged to have a prophet in the house of God. We have the men of God who have the anointing of Jesus Christ upon them to carry out prophecy, healing and deliverance but we do not believe them. Instead, some of us even go to the extent of saying derogative and defamatory statements against them.

We have seen the true demonstration of God’s power and the anointing of Jesus through them but still we do not believe. Are you not like the doubting Thomas of today? Instant healing has taken place right under our noses during the church service but we still do not believe. Prophecies have come to pass including national ones but many of us do not believe in the man of God.

Demons complain the moment the man of God steps onto the church premises before he even says, “OUT!” We have heard thousands of testimonies confirming the true demonstration of God’s power within the ministry but doubt still hangs around. Others have had their miracles and deliverance but decided to keep quiet about them because they are still not sure. Voice anointing, declarations and mass prayers have been carried out within the congregation and many demons have manifested during the process to confirm the presence of the Holy Spirit but we continue to have our doubting Thomases. What do we really need to see in order to believe in the man of God? What do we really want? If the one healed cannot testify the true demonstration of God’s power in their own lives, how then can others waiting for their testimonies believe?

Start believing in the man of God in your life and it becomes easier to believe in his word. If you want to have your testimony, start by believing in Jesus Christ through the man of God. Men of God are servants of God, sent to us in the physical to represent Jesus Christ in our lives today. Believe in the man of God in your life wherever you are. Do not judge them and leave that to God lest you be judged also.

Am I talking to somebody?
Start believing in the man of God and your testimony will come to pass. When a Prophet says, it is done, it means it is done. A prophet says what is coming from God and he sits in the office of God. A prophet is an oracle, meaning he speaks the mind of God. Therefore just believe in the word and surely you will testify. You do not need tens of words from him but just a word or even a sound from the man of God can do wonders in your life as long you believe. By being in the church premises, and your mere presence means zvako zvaita. Kungotsika ivhu repachurch ibva waziva kuti zvako zvaita and it is not about laying hands upon you. Just believe and receive.

Shout, “I believe and receive my restoration power!
My life is turning around this month of October!
I honour my Jesus Christ through the office of the man of God!
I believe in his word!
When a man of God says, “be healed” I know I am healed!
When he says, “It is well with me” it means exactly that!
When he says, “receive your marriage or wedding” I receive with faith!
When he says, “I am blessed in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ” I say, I receive!
When he says, “August is the month of Crossing Over” I know I am crossing over to partake my breakthroughs and testimonies!
Above all when he preaches the word I believe in the word and I let the word manifest in my life in Jesus Christ Mighty name!”

Glory be to God. Mbiri kuna Jesu.

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