Daily bread: Maintaining your deliverance with Prophet Magaya

Scriptures: Matthew.12:43-45[NKJV]
43 “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. 44 Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. 45 Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.”
Good morning the flock of Jesus Christ!
Mangwanani vanhu vaMwari!
Hareruuuuyaaa vanhu vaMwari!
Mwana wemuporofita ita Aaaamen inobhowa chisatan!

Once again, today’s daily bread is not entirely new to our regular followers of this page but when God repeats a Word to His children through His servants He has a reason for that. This is one of the subjects that I will repeat more often because deliverance is a process and maintaining it is also a process.

With the forthcoming "Night of Turn-around-3" on 7th November 2014 you will all get your deliverance and that deliverance has to be maintained in order to meet with your testimonies. Therefore, it is important to read this teaching over and over until it sticks into your mind and heart and until you are able to apply what the teaching says. Read on and to the end because your patience will pay off all to the glory of God. Glory be to God Almighty!

“I can lay my hands upon you in the name of Jesus Christ and you receive your deliverance. However, it is upon yourself to maintain it. The above teaching is already long enough let us meet once again in our next teaching when I explain further on how best to maintain your deliverance. I hope I will be able to assist someone here. We give all glory to God.”

You need God more after deliverance than before your deliverance!
In the previous post that contained the above quoted paragraph I talked about deliverance. To recap and in summary I remember stating that deliverance involves the casting out of demons and evil spirits that torment people. I remember also saying that individual Christians can carry out self-deliverance by commanding the evil spirits OUT by name in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Are you here?
Daily bread: Maintaining your deliverance with Prophet Magaya

I also went on to state that some evil spirits are more stubborn and would not leave a person until that person goes to a man of God who has a higher level of anointing than him. Therefore it is not automatic that when you are born again you are delivered because many Christians (including some Pastors, Bishops, Apostles, Evangelists among other church leaders) as I write this post are seriously tormented by evil spirits in their lives – meaning that they need deliverance. You can be a born again Bible believing Christian for many years but as long you do not get total deliverance your Christian life will be full of frustrations and misery. In our Ministry we conduct deliverance in various ways – some of which involve Voice Anointing, Declarations, Mass prayers and laying of hands as well as the use of mantles. I am not going to dwell much on deliverance because we covered it last time but our subject today is on how to maintain your deliverance.

The above scriptures are saying that when an unclean spirit or evil spirit leaves you it goes about roaming in search for a place to stay but when it finds none it comes back only to find your body clean and filled with the Light of Jesus Christ. It goes away to invite seven more wicked spirits and enters your body again leaving you in a more serious state than before.

Am I talking to somebody? You need God more after deliverance than before your deliverance!

Please note that it is not obvious that when seven more wicked spirits are invited into your body they will succeed to do so. No! Their ability to enter your body is determined by how you maintain your deliverance and that is our subject of today.

When you receive your deliverance today be it from sickness, poverty, anti-marriage, barrenness, delay or stagnancy among other spirits you can name, the evidence of your deliverance is shown by positive changes in your life. However, the danger comes in when you fail to maintain the deliverance after getting delivered because you will not have the opportunity to experience the positive change as evidence of your deliverance.

Are you one of those who received deliverance but your life got worse than before? You were delivered from poverty but your poverty levels became worse, you sank deeper into a pathetic life full of misery? Were you experiencing some form of sickness and the sickness disappeared after deliverance but within 3 days the sickness came back worse? My daughter, were you or are you single but you remember soon after your deliverance from the spiritual husband a prospective husband proposed to you but a short while later he vanished into thin air? Are you the married woman whose marriage was restored filled with peace and matrimonial harmony but a week or so later the peace flew out as war and heated arguments resumed if not more unbearable? Is it you who received your deliverance and got your promotion at work but within a few months the demands of your job became unbearable or you were demoted due to unrealistic cause? I cannot mention them all but in simple terms you know what condition or spirit you were delivered from but before you blew the whistle of celebration things went haywire – you are the person I am referring to! Your obvious question up until now is “What went wrong?”

Many are already asking – “So Prophet what went wrong?” My answer is that, more than 80% of situations queried above are linked to failure to maintain one’s deliverance or facing challenges in maintaining one’s deliverance.

“Prophet Sir, you seem to be keeping us in suspense how then do we maintain our deliverance?”

All problems come from the devil, his demons and evil spirits of the dark kingdom. Therefore when you get deliverance the darkness is pushed away by Light because deliverance brings Light upon your life and condition and darkness cannot withstand Light of Jesus Christ. The evil spirit or demon cast out will from time to time check on you if there is now darkness upon your life in order to regain entry and operate once more but fails each time it finds Light shining upon your life. However, your lifestyle can upset the Light causing it to move away yet it is the Light that brought restoration upon your life. When the Light moves away, darkness returns and that spirit which tormented you before will regain entry together with more evil spirits to make sure you will battle harder to push them away. This is the moment when your situation becomes worse.

Remember light and darkness cannot stay together. Therefore maintaining deliverance means staying away from the acts of evil because they attract darkness back into your life. And when darkness returns it means the evil spirits can resume their operation of torment upon your life.

“Man of God what are these evil ways? We could be doing them out of ignorance!”

The creation of mankind both male and female came with the DNA-rule of right and wrong and these are reinforced during our upbringing whether born again or non-Christian. These are loosely translated as morals and the Holy Bible then clearly defines them for us to move with Jesus Christ. When we break or disobey these rules they are called sins – meaning we are sinning against God and making our bodies unclean for Jesus Christ for your body is the temple of Jesus Christ. Inversely, when you sin the Light of Jesus Christ moves away and your body becomes the temple of the devil.

Are you here?

Many of you are already saying, Prophet please mention them by name, but before I get to that let me reiterate the DNA-rule of right and wrong. Whatever you do – the moment your heart skips one or two beats or when your heart thumps hard about it, immediately know that you are doing evil and you are sinning against the Lord Jesus Christ meaning that Light is moving out of your life opening doors for darkness to return.

There are two types of sins. First one - you sin against God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Second – you sin against yourself, your body and your life. This second one affects even those who claim, “I have never heard the word of God and I am not a believer.” When you for example fornicate you are inviting the spirit of lust, sickness, anti-marriage, poverty and marine spirit. All these result from fornication and the one affected in the end is you no wonder we say you sin against yourself.

Examples of sins are fornication, adultery, lying, murder, hate, deception, cheating, quarrelling, argumentative, physical and verbal fights, bullying, robbery, theft among other acts and like I mentioned above, your heart can tell you the right and wrong. The book of Galatians.5:19 talks about - sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures and public indecency as other acts of sin – and these have been verbally smoothened to sound like morally acceptable when they refer to them as “financially procured female companionship” – it is sexual immorality and nothing else!

Remember, you can commit sin on top of the highest mountain or in the deepest part of the earth or ocean but our Living God sees you – and no matter what sin, sin is sin!

When we talk of lifestyle it encompasses the way you handle your body, the way you live with others around you, your places of interest and associates. In PHD Ministries it is imperative to anoint oneself with Anointing Oil every day and ensure you put on at least one anointed wristband as well as move with any other mantles to ensure continuous covering of the Anointing of Jesus Christ. This is because of the cunning ways of the devil and his demons – we do not want to give the spirits any room for returning into our lives. However, the issue of lifestyle can affect someone when he or she fails to put on a wrist band because of his or her places of interest or the type of associates one spends time with.

Uripaanapa here iwewe? Zvanzi kwandinoenda kunomakisa kuenda nemawrist band haanyatsoita, ndinobvisa kana ndoenda ndozopfeka ndadzoka. Zvingazoitawo here kuya kuya kuenda nesticker muhomwe? By so doing you are opening the doors for the evil spirits to re-enter your body.

Am I talking to somebody? Personality also plays an important role in maintaining one’s deliverance. If you were too talkative before your deliverance start to listen more, see more but talk less and think twice before you talk. Of course some of you speak less but there are volumes in those few words. This is because most of our troubles are tongue troubles. We have managed to land on the moon and tame the elephant but we have failed to term the tongue!

Waizivakanwa nekugodora vamweka iwe! Haudzoreke kana zvako zvatanga. Mukanwa mako munobuda makobvu oga oga. Unoudza munhu mazwi ekuti anopotsa azvisungirira. Shamwari dzako dzinotemba newe pakutaura kana kurwa. Vamwe ndimi munozivikanwa nekunzi makanyarara asi maviri kana matatu aunotaura anokwana kunyora book – munorumira muvhu. Vamwe ndimi vanazimunzwa mundove – munobaya muchisekerera zvokuti anonzwa nyaya yacho anokurambirai kuti aiwa nhingi haadaro. Unonzwa mumwe oti, mave kuda kundidzorera pangu chaipo pakutaura handidi zvokujairirwa – musafunga kuti zvakapera.

How is your character like to your siblings, spouses, family, friends, neighbours and workmates? Have you changed from the bad character to a good one? Is your character still akin to the devil’s advocate? In short, does your character affect others positively or negatively? When you meet a person do you leave him or her with a happy face or with excruciating pains coupled with a bleeding heart? Do people miss you in your absence? Do they wish you could have stayed longer? “I want them to feel my absence!” Not all feelings of absence are positive my dear daughter and son! Yes they feel your absence because there is peace and harmony during your absence. Do people appear busy when you arrive while others pack their bags and go? If any of these are happening in your life then you need to change and you need to do so NOW!

I want your testimony, our Lord Jesus Christ is waiting for your testimony and the congregants are waiting for your testimony. Your family members are waiting for your testimony. Your neighbours, friends and relatives are also waiting for your testimony! Do you know that your delayed testimony is holding some neighbours and relatives to come to Jesus? There are some Thomases out there who want to see it on you first before they come but you are holding them because you cannot change.

How is your level of giving? It could be blocking or slowing down your total deliverance from poverty. To our regular followers of this anointed page do you remember our equation of giving? Is your equation of giving balancing?

The equation is like this:
a) Receiving without subtraction (ungenerous) = subtraction by division (poverty)
b) Receiving with subtraction (generous) = addition by multiplication (rich)

If you are already a generous giver try to extend your level of giving in order to break the current limits or boundaries – you could be wondering why you are not expanding, stretch out your giving to expand your boundaries. Above all it is not what you give that matters most but the way you give it.

I will not end my subject without reminding you to attend our church services regularly. Deliverance can happen instantly to some, while to others can take some weeks because it is a process. To accomplish the process and maintain it requires you to attend our services regularly. Participate in our Voice Anointing and Declarations and the devil remains a liar, a distance away and a loser!

Remember, failure to maintain your deliverance promotes the return of the evil spirits in your life leading to a worse situation than it was before. However, let me reiterate that being able to maintain your deliverance and receiving your testimony does not mean it is your entire effort but by the grace of God. And to those who are enjoying your testimonies be reminded that you are not better and cleaner than others, it is not by effort but by grace – no one amongst us is clean in the eyes of God, we are a gathering of sinners striving to become righteous.

Above all – do not be afraid, greater is He who is us than he who is in this world!

“The devil is a liar!
This is my month OF TURNING OVER!
I am changing today and maintain my deliverance to partake my testimony!
I receive my deliverance and maintain it!
I receive my marriage, wedding, finances and health deliverance and maintain it today!
I receive my fruit of the womb – I conceive and kick barrenness OUT!
I overtake, partake and maintain my testimony and deliverance!
I am taking over!
I am changing my character to partake and maintain my deliverance!
I am changing my personality to partake and maintain my deliverance!
I am taming my tongue by changing my speech to partake and maintain my deliverance!
I am testifying my Jesus!
My neighbours, friends and relatives will come to Christ and PHD Ministries because of my testimonies!
I receive – Partake – Maintain – Yadah! Abbah! Father!
In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ – AMEN!!

To God we give all glory

Let there be light – the light that pushes away darkness
PHD Ministries – 0% demon tolerance for 100% testimonies

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