A CHEATING woman watched helplessly as her teenage lover, joined by a 17-year-old friend, severely assaulted her husband

A CHEATING woman watched helplessly as her teenage lover, joined by a 17-year-old friend, severely assaulted her husband. Sheila Ngwenya, 28, was allegedly cheating on her husband with 18-year-old Nelson Moyo who teamed up with his friend to severely assault her husband Evans Ngwenya, 38, with an empty bottle on Friday last week.
The teenagers, who reside in Matetsi, appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani yesterday charged with assault.
According to the State, Moyo and his friend used an empty bottle to assault Ngwenya after he visited his wife who lives in Matetsi with her parents.
“On October 3, the complainant was in Victoria Falls when his wife Sheila Ngwenya phoned him saying she needed money to buy food for herself and their child. The complainant boarded a lift and when he arrived at 9pm at Sizinda Bus Stop, he found his wife waiting for him in the company of the two accused persons and he handed her a plastic bag with some groceries,” said prosecutor Listen Nare
File Picture: Man bleeding
The teenagers allegedly told Ngwenya that Sheila was Moyo’s wife resulting in a fight.

Moyo hit his lover’s husband with an empty bottle before his friend joined in the fight.
Ngwenya escaped and reported the matter at Matetsi Police Base and the pair was arrested.
He was referred to hospital where he was treated and discharged.
In court Moyo said: “We fought over the issue of a woman and my friend (name withheld) helped me.”
Magistrate Rosemani said she could not ask the two teenagers to plead because she first wanted a report from a Probation Officer.
The friend was remanded into the custody of his uncle and aunt while Moyo was also remanded out of custody. They will both appear in court on October 30

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