Woman gets husband fired, demands upkeep

A jealous Bulawayo woman got her husband fired from work after causing havoc at his workplace by assaulting a colleague she suspected of being his small house.

The man claims he had to move to his rural home after losing his job. Bulawayo magistrate Vivian Ndlovu heard how Precious Musvubi caused a scene at Highgate Complex by pummeling the woman when her husband Jairos Musvubi dragged her to court demanding a reduction in his monthly maintenance payments.

Jairos, who has three children with Precious, said he lost his job in March this year following the fracas.

"Your worship, I cannot afford to pay $180 because I am unemployed. She knows that I lost my job in March because of her. She assaulted a female employee at my workplace," Musvubi said.

"I am selling vegetables and tomatoes at my rural home and I earn $60-$80 per month. I also served three months in prison over this maintenance issue."

Precious said she was not aware that Musvubi was still unemployed.
Woman gets husband fired, demands upkeep
"Your Worship, he is lying. He is self-employed and he told me that he is no longer going to give me any money because he wants to fix me.

"If he wants the money to be reduced, I want it to be reduced to $120," she said.

Precious denied the allegations that she assaulted her husband's workmate and told the magistrate that the woman was now staying with her husband.

"I did not fight her. When I went to his work place to give him my account number after our maintenance case, I found the woman and only asked her where my husband was," she said.

Magistrate Ndlovu asked Precious how Jairos was fixing her when he served three months in jail over maintenance.

She ordered Jairos to pay $80 per month.
Source: chronicle

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