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Soldier, Cop in midnight row over prostitute's panties

A POLICE officer arrived home at midnight waving a pair of woman's panties and told his soldier wife: "I've just had unprotected sex with a hooker."

Onwell Mtetwa, 36, who is stationed at Bulawayo Central Police Station, was given a thorough hiding by his wife, Martha Mtetwa, 26, and escaped through a window at their Fairbridge home. Enraged Martha, who pursued her husband outside, allegedly hit him with a brick on his back as he fled.

So furious was Martha that she smashed the windscreen of the couple's car and dented the doors of another vehicle after her husband sought refuge in it.

Martha, who is stationed at Induna Barracks, also attempted to stab her husband and told him the fight would only end after one of them was dead, a court heard yesterday.

Martha appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Nyasha Kuture facing physical abuse charges.

She pleaded guilty.
Soldier, Cop in midnight row over prostitute's panties
In her statement to the court, Martha pleaded extreme provocation by her husband after a furious confrontation on September 14.

"My husband openly told me that he had had unprotected sex with a prostitute and he came home carrying her panties in one of his pockets. I became very angry and chased him away," she said.

Onwell said: "I had a misunderstanding with my wife and she wanted to assault me with a pot and I avoided that. I dragged her to the bedroom but she ran back to the kitchen. I didn't know what she was up to so I decided to jump out of the house through the bedroom window."

He said his furious wife followed using the dining room door and he was forced to jump into a vehicle and lock the doors.

"She hit both the driver's door and the front passenger door with a brick and both dented doors. I slept in the car and at around 6AM, I went back home and she told me that one of us was going to die that day.

"She took a kitchen knife and tried to stab me in the stomach but I got hold of her hand and managed to take away the knife."

But in court yesterday, Onwell told the magistrate he wished to withdraw his complaint against his wife.

"My wife has apologised and has agreed to fix the windscreen. I've forgiven her and would like to withdraw the matter," he said.

Magistrate Kuture granted his wish.

Source: chronicles

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