Mubobobo-sexual "blue-tooth!".

Healthy, normal,average-aged men think about sex more than 30 times a day! Shocking hey! But very true! This is partly because of men's make up. They respond by sight sexually therefore anytime they have an opportunity to see things "sexually" they respond. No wonder even small boys like to watch naked ladies! It is important therefore for women to keep their nudity to themselves!

Because of this men then need to practice self-control, which is a fruit of the Spirit. Many of us do not so end up with many sexual partners or find alternative means. One worrying means of sexual gratification is mubobobo. It is on the rise. BEWARE!

Mubobobo is a means of having a sexual relations without someone's consent but cannot be classified the same way 'rape' was coz here there is use of demonic power to have sex with a person without necessarily having physical contact of sexual organs,hence termed "sexual blue-tooth", though at times it happens with physical contact. Usually it is done by a man on a woman but witches are also known to do this on men.
The person picks out a candidate they will be fantasising great sex with then make satanic chants on them that will either make them sleep deeply or just feel drowsy and passive. The person then begins to act as if having sex from a distance and the victim may be either too sleepy to notice or feels that there is something happening but is too drowsy to act against it. The person may actually think they are dreaming, only to be shocked to find themselves with semen.

Mubobobo-sexual "blue-tooth!".
Mubobobo is demonic and the fact that it happens on you is sign that witches still reign your life, you need deliverance or continue living as someones "blue-tooth" spouse! Do you have old men who are widowers but refuse to remarry around you? Very smart? Like you very much? You dream them constantly? Have sex in your dreams frequently and feel it was not just a dream?

Why not look for deliverance?
This thing is arising in zimbabwe and many women are at the mercy of these men. They cannot share with anyone but Jesus sees your problem and is here to set you free. Why not start off by receiving Him today: Jesus I believe you are my Lord and saviour, save me today and come into my heart. Amen. If you need extra help you can inbox on FB!

All ma love
Your Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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