Madzibaba more powerful than Prophet Makandiwa - Picture

For centuries people with unique talents and crazy ideas have been identified by society and have gone on to receive much recognition.

In today's world this recognition has gone to those with the ability to market their brands better than the rest. Thus Beyonce had become the queen of music, although it is really difficult to say that she is outstanding from the other top performers.

In football, names of strikers like Lionel Messi come to mind. Yet the unsung defenders and midfielders also play their part in making their teams win. But sometimes there are those with talents so unique that they need not worry about standing out of the competition.

Meet Ronald Muchuchu, a man who would be a perfectly ordinary Zimbabwean if it was not for his amazing teeth.

They are perfect for chomping any food he likes, which is what teeth are meant for. But they go way beyond the ordinary. Muchuchu can pull a car, bus, lorry and lift a person using his teeth as a vice grip.

Speaking to Saturday Herald Lifestyle Ronald revealed how he noticed his amazing gift at the age of 16 at his parents' home in Chitungwiza.
Madzibaba more powerful than Prophet Makandiwa - Picture
"I grew up in a Christian home, that of the Johane Masowe Yechishanu sect where we would make metal products such as buckets and dishes.

"There was this steel bar that we used that was a bit heavy, one day I decided to lift it with my teeth. It was just a crazy idea but to my surprise I did it. Of course I needed to put in effort and practice before I could really do it, but I had noted that it could be done," said Ronald Once he got the knack of it, lifting the heavy steel bar with his teeth became a hobby to the teen Muchuchu.

So the next stage was to expand the range of objects that he could latch his teeth onto. As years passed by Muchuchu became more adventurous giving himself more challenges. The next stage was natural enough, he decided to make a living through his gift. Then of course he had to brand himself. "When I decided to go professional with this I thought that it would be good to have a stage name and I picked 'Lakabane'," he said.

With no role model to shape his career in the country, Muchuchu decided to expand his horizons. He trekked down South to find professional expertise and hone his craft.

"Having spent the last 13 years in South Africa perfecting my career I then decided to come back home and show the people of my country how God has gifted me with such a tremendous flair.

"I performed in South Africa during the World Cup 2010 season and people from around the world loved my art," he said.

While his teeth's strength is unquestionable, Muchuchu has had to take care of his whole body in order to be a truly strong man. Obviously his teeth cannot shift any weight beyond what his entire frame can sustain. His champion's diet is not made up of any special foods, but sheer quantity makes it outstanding.

"I do not have any special diet but I eat a lot, I also do not have any specified medicine for my teeth I use ordinary toothpaste (brand specified) like any other person," he says.

Muchuchu's return does not signify a slow ebb into retirement, but rather an upped tempo as he goes for the heights that he set himself as the pinnacle of an unusual career: "On the 28th of this month (today) I am going to face a stiff challenge that I have set for myself. I will be pulling an aeroplane," he promises.

He is set to try this feat at the Harare International Airport where he will attempt to drag an as yet unspecified model plane with his bare teeth. Muchuchu's end game is to stake a claim for the present and posterity with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. He would also love to get an endorsement deal from the manufacturers of his favourite toothpaste brand as he believes that his strong teeth are a product of religious use of their product.

Muchuchu says that his main challenge is that his fans believe he uses voodoo in his acts, yet he has worked hard to achieve what he has.

"Sometimes I hear people shouting out 'mushonga uyo (it's magic), that is the work of the devil' and that hurts me. I am no Satanist. I am a Christian who strongly believes that I have a God-given gift.

"If God gave Samson so much strength then what could stop him from doing the same for me? Mine is no different story. The only difference is that Samson's strength was in his hair and mine is in my teeth," Muchuchu asserts.
It is to be hoped that no wilful Delilah awaits Muchuchu with a pair of extra strong dental forceps

Source: The Herald

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