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Chief beats up promiscous Madzibaba with a Sjambok

A Chief in the Silonga area of Gwanda allegedly whipped a Madzibaba from an unidentified apostolic sect after he impregnated a villager in his area.

Chief Owaheng Marupi reportedly took the whip to Madzibaba David Tlou’s behind to “eradicate s*xual religious exploitation of women” in his area.

White garments- the sect’s official regalia- are said to have been in the air as Madzibaba Tlou screamed, while the whip landed on his bottom repeatedly.
Witnesses said Madzibaba Tlou still cannot sit down on his buttocks after the public spectacle last week.

“The chief often disciplines miscreants by flogging them in public. Madzibaba Tlou was in the habit of prophesying to gullible women that God had instructed him to sleep with them. He eventually got one of them pregnant and her parents told the chief,” said a villager.
Chief beats up promiscous Madzibaba with a Sjambok
The Madzibaba reportedly denied the charge of impregnating a woman who is not his wife at the chief’s court.

“He was however convicted due to overwhelming evidence. We hope the incident would send a clear message to like minded church leaders to stay away from our children,” said another villager.
The chief could not be reached for comment on his mobile phone.

Source: Byo24

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