Before You Say 'I Do': The Truth About Getting Married

The wedding season is underway. For any couple preparing to say "I do," beyond the fairytale wedding is a major commitment that takes a lot of work.
Before You Say 'I Do': The Truth About Getting Married
One piece of advice is to always be honest with your mate when problems arise. In various studies, couples have consistently reported that talking to each other about small irritations can save a lot of unnecessary drama later down the line. "It's very important to talk about what's irritating you in a non-threatening way and to compromise. Don't let these things fester," advises Dr. Terri Orbuch, a relationship author and researcher.

Another key idea for couples to keep in mind is that you have to work at having a solid marriage, contrary to the belief that love should be a walk in the park. Sharing your life with another person means that in addition to your own stress and anxieties, you must work through your partner's issues as well. Strong couples know that sticking together and building a strong foundation of trust will make getting through life's challenges a lot easier.

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