The Business of ‘I Do’: Wedding Budget Tips & Tricks

Nowadays you almost have to work a second job just to pay for your wedding. Often costing upwards of $5,000 (we see average figures at a whopping $10 000), people are paying out to have that special moment with someone they hopefully will call a life partner. Should you not want to rack up debt just to say you had a great party, check out these wedding budget tips and tricks.

The Business of ‘I Do’: Wedding Budget Tips & Tricks
Discuss budgets together: One of the biggest mistakes couples make right off the bat is planning the bulk of their wedding without consulting their future spouse. Just because you are the bride does not give you carte blanche to do what you want. As you are working to become one unit, now is the best time to practice by having a sit down to go over your individual wants and total amount you can contribute.

Note: Before you start paying for anything have a firm budget in place as failure to do so can almost guarantee you will spend more than you have.

Say ‘I do’ during the day: For some reason people think they need to exchange their vows closer to the evening when in all actuality, you are going to pay more for a sit-down dinner. A great way to save money is to switch up the time of day you get married. You just might be able to negotiate a formal sit-down meal during lunch hours knocking off money per plate.

Get that venue early: The earlier you book your wedding venue the more likely you are to get the date you want, and the longer you’ll have to save up for the payments. Do make sure you compare prices between locations along with any out-of-pocket expenses on your end.

Tip: Consider a venue that offers their own food (e.g. restaurant) so you don’t have to pay for renting tables, chairs and other needs.

Rethink that wedding gown: Alright divas, as much as you would love to have that designer dress do remember that you are only going to wear it for one day (technically a few hours) before it collects dust in your closet. Is it really worth spending thousands of dollars when you could put that money into a long-term investment like buying a house?

Scout out secondhand stores that are full of previously worn dresses for the taking. In many cases they are in good condition, the bride just didn’t want to keep it. You might also want to check out stores like David’s Bridal that have designer collaborations at a more affordable price.

Don’t feel guilty about the guest list: If they aren’t contributing then they really shouldn’t have much to say about whether or not you send an invite. While you might want to appease all of your family and friends the bottom line is it’s too dang expensive to invite everyone.

Tip: Create a “B list” of people you would like to come but don’t have finances to invite, and send out your initial invitations early. Once you start receiving regrets you can begin to send invitations to those on the secondary list. Just make sure they have a decent amount of time to RSVP.

Do your own decorations: Even if you aren’t the best at arts and crafts, there is strength in numbers. Call up your family and/or bridal party to make your own decorations. Pinterest is full of all the inspiration you need.

Tip: Check out the website Save on Crafts for super affordable decorations and craft supplies.

Don’t go crazy on the photographer and music: Pictures are certainly worth a thousands words which is why you should say yes to a photographer, just not for the entire day. Many packages cost thousands of dollars so limit your photographer for a few hours where they can capture the ceremony and beginning parts of your reception. If need be, move up traditions like cake cutting and garter/bouquet toss which will leave more room for uninterrupted dancing.

Another option to consider is using a DJ instead of a band, or even a music station with a pre-made music list.

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