Rihanna's Fashion Colletions

Rihanna‘s River Island collection is back, bringing you enough crop and bra tops to keep you motivated at the gym this fall/winter season. With the help of designer Adam Selman, Rih Rih dishes out her trademark aesthetic: athletic tomboy streetwear infused with a serving of sex appeal.


Varsity jackets, abbreviated hoodies, baseball jerseys and basketball shorts are rendered in moody hues like oxblood and black, while camoflauge and stripes take the lead in print motifs.
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The range includes a nod to ’90s hip-hop style, with thick underwear band straps printed with Rih’s nickname and slogan, ‘G For Life’ on bra tops, actual panties, tops and accessories.
You can see the influences of some of Rihanna’s favorite designers, most notably KTZ, in a few ornately printed separates.
Shoe options are decidedly sexy. Heels are the name of the game, coming in the form of sleek sandals, thigh high and high-heeled workman-inspired boots. Also included are Riri-emblazoned beanies, to keep your head warm.

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