How to Involve Your Future Husband in the Wedding Preparations

Including the groom-to-be in wedding decisions doesn’t have to add to the stress of planning a wedding.  When it comes to wedding planning, most men take a passive approach, allowing the women to make the majority of decisions. While this works in favor of a bride who knows what she wants, it often isolates the groom-to-be. Here are four simple ways to involve your future husband in the wedding planning process:

1. Give Him Choices. Men respond much more enthusiastically when you give them options. Instead of asking him what color scheme he has in mind or what his ideal wedding theme is, try asking the following:
  • Which color scheme do you like better: the turquoise-and-brown or the black-and-white?
  • Do you like the idea of a beach wedding or Western-themed wedding?
  • Which tuxedo do you like better for your groomsmen “A” or “B”?
2. Allow Him to Pitch In With Areas That Interest Him. There are wedding planning areas that have some degree of interest to your fiancé Рyou just have to do a little digging in order to find them. Consider his interests and hobbies. For example:
  • If your man likes music, allow him to pick the songs that will be played at the reception.
  • If he is into all things technology related, why not put him in charge of creating your wedding website?
  • What man doesn’t like food? Get your future husband involved in the planning, by allowing him to brainstorm menu ideas. Also, involve him in the food tasting and give him a genuine say in the menu choices.
  • Let him be in charge of the transportation. Chances are good that your future husband would like doing the research for the limousine for your wedding day. Allow him to incorporate his affinity for automobiles into this important wedding task.
3. Tell Him What He Needs to Do. For some grooms-to-be, they work best in situations where you give them specific directions on what needs to be done. This makes him feel useful and gives him a direct role to play in the wedding activities, without having to know too much about wedding planning. An easy way to accomplish this is by giving him a weekly or monthly wedding-to-do list, where he can do his wedding planning tasks on his own schedule.

4. Give Him Full Rein with the Honeymoon Plans. An area that your husband-to-be can play an active role is in the planning of the honeymoon. While it may initially be difficult for the bride-to-be to let go of such an important facet of the wedding decisions, allowing the groom to call the shots on what is likely to be the most interesting part of the wedding planning process for him, is a fair compromise. Besides, traditionally this is an area that groom is responsible for financially.
Don’t forget that it’s his wedding too. By allowing your future husband to voice his opinions and make some decisions, you are starting your marriage out on the right foot.

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