Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Overcome Your Insecurity By Stealing and Doing It Really Well

This Is A Public Warning!

Hie my name is Oudney and I have dedicated 2019 to be the year I become a niche genius. I aim to become a remarkable, indispensable and invaluable human being.

As a brand architect, I will copy and steal relentlessly and non-stop. I am an ideas leech and if I hang out with great thinkers in my niche field, I am usually very quite copying and stealing from them. When I take their ideas I am gifted at re-branding and repackaging them.

I always try to improvise and execute the ideas by making sure that they are much much better that the original ones.

Steal is just the synonym for LEARNING from others ... but learning in a manner or a way that makes you come out more unique and refined than the person you have stolen or learnt from.
Overcome Your Insecurity By Stealing and Doing It Really Well
Everything I Know About:
- Brand Strategy Designing.
- Graphic Design.
- Web Design.
- Photography.
- Cinematograpy.
- Video Editing.
- CorelDRAW.
- Photoshop.
- Sony Vegas.
- Blogging ... Is stolen (LEARNT) from others and I strive to be a good thief (LEARNER). So my warning to you, if you are reading my blog is that in 2019, I will strive to be a really good THIEF (LEARNER)!
As 2019 approaches why don't you make it a policy to be a very good learner.!

When I said I STEAL or LEARN that is very true.

It is a COPY, APPLY AND GROW principle.

Copy It.
Apply It.
And ultimately Grow From It. HAPPY 2019!

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