Saturday, 18 October 2014

Spy tapes: Mujuru said 'Mugabe is resting on own faeces'

First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday opened the contents of the spy tapes President Robert Mugabe has on Joice Mujuru.

In a closed session with provincial committee members just before the rally, she told members to "go and tell Mujuru kuti pasi naye - down with her."

Zimeye reported that the First Family intently listened to and interpreted a voice said to be that of Mujuru boldly stating in deep chikorekore language that, "kavakuda kutodziirwa ne ndove kumusana ngakachibva..." - "This old Mugabe wants to enjoy the warmth of his faeces, he must go."

At present however the tapes have not been independently verified outside of State House and sections of Zanu-PF rallying agaisnt Mujuru.
Spy tapes: Mujuru said 'Mugabe is resting on own faeces'
Meanwhile yesterday in a no holds barred address to thousands of people who packed Chipadze Stadium in Bindura Grace Mugabe launched revenge on Mujuru saying this "leader from Mashonaland Central" is involved in illicit diamond deals, bribery and extorting shareholdings in companies.

Mrs Mugabe's proclamation has been followed by outspoken war veteran Christopher Mutsvangwa who has said Mrs Mujuru must now resign following the said "revelations" of not only the spy tapes, but the allegations of bribery and corruption.

Source: Zimeye

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