Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Cecil the lion's spirit lives on.

One thing for certain Cecil was growing older by the day and would have died a natural death.

Perhaps what is galling for most people is the manner of his death ,to be lured from his habitat and shot with a bow and arrow must have been excruciatingly painful, however his death has certainly been a blessing to other wild animals that are alive to day as the awareness generated by his killing has been able to raise more than $780 000 to date. Obviously the conservation efforts of all people involved in the care and protection of wild animals is going to be a lot easier thanks to Cecil's unfortunate demise.
Cecil the lion's spirit lives on.
Closer home, unscrupulous people are already exploited his death to their own good as advertisements have sprouted of products utilising his name to their advantage; Lion lager quickly comes to mind.The struggling beverage manufacturer has been quick to identify the huge benefits presented and is unashamedly exploiting it to the hilt.Who can blame them, its a jungle out there and its survival of the most cunning. Even Jericho's name is being exploited ,so nothing is sacred.

I can bet my last dollar that before the month is out we will see the name Cecil printed on the windscreens of minibus taxis, baseball caps, tee-shirts and other merchandise.

The death of Cecil has spurred the growth of an industry and an economy dying for a survivor.In this regard Cecil is a martyr ,so long live the spirit if Cecil. Long shall his name be exploited.

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