Thursday, 6 November 2014

BreakUp: DNA Test Shows That Singer Omarian’s Baby Isnt His

Omarion and his Love & Hip Hop star girlfriend Apryl have reportedly split and it’s all because Apryl refused to give her son a DNA test to prove he’s Omarion’s.

Word on the street is Apryl and Omarion seem to have a very good relationship – but Omarion’s mom has been starting some drama. According to sources, Omarion’s mom has been hinting around that the baby looks bi-racial. She also mentioned that Apryl’s ex boyfriend is Mexican.

If this aint some juicy mess! That baby does look Mexican…just sayin’ lol!
BreakUp: DNA Test Shows That Singer Omarian’s Baby Isnt His
So a source claims that after months of mama spitting that HATE into Omarion’s ear, he started having second thoughts about paternity. The source says “Omarion asked for a DNA test, and Apryl was offended . . . she started crying and carrying on.” The insider continued, “After Apryl calmed down Omarion asked again and she still said no.”

So the source claims Omarion ended up dumping Apryl! Oh and did we mention that all of this was caught on camera and will be shown later this season on Love And Hip Hop Hollywood!

Oooweeee! What do you think…does the baby look like him?

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