Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The mountains in your life by Prophet E. Makandiwa

Tuesday Service Update: Today the atmosphere was charged! The man of God was teaching about the 7 aspects represented by mountains in your life. He spoke against , proud mountains that look unconquerable, mountains that delay your progress, fluctuation when you are never stable in life, obstruction, stubborn mountains that resist prayers and mountains of fear that that defeat faith. But the bible says Who are you mountain before Zerubabel, for you shall surely become plain.

The man of God made declarations and asked the church to speak against the mountains. From Rev 4:5, he provoked the 7 spirits of God to fight against the 7 spirits of the mountain. Prophesy against the mountains ! Prophesy! Prophesy their downfall in your life! Affliction shall not come a second time again. This service surely left the mountains destroyed, we engagaged in a violent type of prayer against the mountains and the man of God declared that the mountains are destroyed.
The mountains in your life by Prophet E. Makandiwa

May God destroy the mountains in your Life too In Jesus name!

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