Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Good morning Jesus Christ with Prophet Magaya

It is a blessing to wake up today feeling ready to start the day and accomplish the tasks ahead of us. Our God Almighty took care of us during the whole night of our peaceful sleep. A lot of battles were fought over night unknown to us. Jehovah Nissi the God who protects us, our banner and our shield fights all battles for us.

As we pursue our dreams, desires and plans of today let us bear in mind that it is not by wisdom or intelligence to accomplish the daily plans but it is by God’s grace. We must take time to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for making our day a success.

During our sleep of last night some of us had negative dreams and these come from the devil. There is no negative that comes from our loving Jesus Christ and you have to thank the Lord for alerting you of such negative designs against any part of your life. However, you do not end by simply thanking the Lord for such alerts but you also have to denounce, decline and nullify such negatives so that they do not manifest in your life.

Say, “Good morning Jesus Christ - the King and Lord of Resurrection, Restoration and Recovery!”

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

Jesus is the owner of Light. He is the owner of grace because He came loaded with grace. He loves you unconditionally, always.
Good morning Jesus Christ with Prophet Magaya
Say, “Good morning Jesus! Thank you Jesus! I love you Jesus! Abbah! Father! Yadah!

Let there be light to my day!"

Say, "I nullify ALL negative dreams of last night in Jesus' Mighty name!
I denounce and decline the manifestation of ALL negative dreams!
Let there be light upon all positive dreams of last night.
I speak the manifestation of all positive dreams of last night.

Thank you Jesus Christ for yesterday, today and tomorrow!
It is well with me because of Your grace my Jesus!

Thank you for re-aligning and repositioning my future!
Thank you for re-writing my life history in its proper way!

Ita, "Mangwanani Jesu! Ndinokudai Jesu! Baba! Abbah! Father! Yadah!

Nzira yangu nhasi ngaive nechiedza chenyu Jesu!"
In Jesus name I pray!

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