Sunday, 19 October 2014

Every business venture brought squabbles in their marriage

Lydia Mutuda came to share her wonderful testimony today. Whenever she would venture into business with her husband it would be a gate way for fights and marital problems. She knew no peace until the business would eventually collapse. They ventured into various businesses but nothing but problems came upon them. A friend of hers advised her to visit PHD Ministries in search of solution which she did in February 2014. She was blessed with the anointing oil which she administered on her household.

They have since started a new business which is accelerating divinely, beyond explanation. This time round the business has brought forth not only success but a very happy marriage filled with matrimonial harmony. As she rightfully said she did not know that marriage was a so much of a blessing until she administered the anointing oil. Her husband joined her to bear witness to the wonderful things God Almighty is doing in their lives and marriage.
Every business venture brought squabbles in their marriage
We give all glory to God Almighty.

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