Thursday, 13 August 2015

Vendors Become Extinct Like Our Fallen Hero #Cecil.

Vendors like our fallen heroes #Cecil the lion are getting extinct in Harare.

It is not enough that we have been kicked off the streets of their precious city and we have to sell from the hastily put up "official" selling points in the far flung corners of the city, we get home on Wednesday tired from chasing the elusive $ to find shambles and chaos at home.
Vendors Become Extinct Like Our Fallen Hero #Cecil.
The homes we have painstakingly built, brick by laborious brick have been razed to the ground. Lives and property shattered and reputations in ruins .Whilst some are reminiscent on Holidays spent at various resorts or rural areas we have to pick up the pieces of our ruined lives and start allover again.

Over 200 houses have been razed to the ground in Budiriro and one just wonders whence the beleaguered vendor Soon like Cecil we will just be a distant memory.
By: Patrick Gwangwara.

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