Friday, 24 July 2015

Oudney Patsika A Social Media Expert.

Oudney Patsika is a Certified Social Media Marketing Expert. He has managed social media campaigns for Businesses, Organisations, Brands, Celebrities, and Corporates. He is profoundly competent in:
Oudney Patsika A Social Media Expert.
Oudney Patsika A Social Media Expert.
  • Social Media Marketing: Marketing products, brands, and entities on social and online media. This involves creating adverts, markerting initiatives, calls to action, and increasing brand, and product awareness over social media
  • Social Media Management: Media management of corporate social media pages, profiles, and accounts. This involves creating rich unique content, managing insights, responding to messages, interacting with users on social media, and engaging customers, clients, and stakeholders
  • Social Media Campaigns: Creating, and marketing social media profiles, accounts and pages to increase likes, following, engagement, and interactivity. 

Oudney Patsika has done all this for Churches, Non Governmental Organisations, Corporations, Small Business, Celeberities, and Public Figures.

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