Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Prophet Makandiwa: Are you ready for the Anointing Oil?

Are you ready for the Anointing Oil?
And the bible says only the anointing can break the yoke..[Isaiah 10:27] Prophet Makandiwa last Tuesday Night said:

"This anointing shall be too powerful, even for me to use it its just so powerful. The results of the anointing shall be too obvious that it can not copied, faked or imitated. This gift shall cause demons and people complaining.
Some of you thought you were ready!
You will agree you were not yet ready!
You will see the results and wont believe its the anointing oil."

So papa said This Sunday come prepared as he shall be teaching on the power of the anointing oil.
Is he going to give out any during the service or not?

After all those miracles, he says you are going to witness power you have never seen before..
Are you ready for the Sunday service???

Prophet Makakandiwa: Are you ready for the Anointing Oil?

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