Wednesday, 1 October 2014

“I Accidentally Had Séx With My Wife’s Twin” ,Should i tell her?

My wife has a twin. She (the twin) is married and lives in another town.

Last month, my wife and I visited them and stayed at their house for a bit. Her husband and I got along rather well, so, after our evening meal, when our ladies went to sleep, we decided to have a few drinks.

Truth to be said, we got really drunk. I blankly remember staggering to the spare guestroom where my wife and I were accommodated, and having a night of (sorry for the details) passionate s’ex.

So I was rather shocked when I woke up in the morning and saw not my wife, but her twin (they have different haircuts), and to realize I am actually not in the guest room, but in our hosts’ bedroom.

I sneaked out of their room and saw my brother-in-law passed out on a couch in the living room. I had no choice but to pretend I slept near him the whole night. Later in the day, I was afraid my wife’s sister would give me away by talking to her husband about the night of lovemaking that actually never happened. But it turned out she knew all along that it was not me, as she fancied me from the moment she met me at her sister’s wedding, so she did not tell anyone anything.
“I Accidentally Had Séx With My Wife’s Twin” ,Should i tell her?
We talked afterwards and agreed to make it our secret so as to not to damage our respective marriages. I, however, feel inclined to tell my wife about the whole – unintentional – affair. Should I, or should I not?

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