Wednesday, 5 March 2014

African Wedding Cake Designs

Traditionally, Africans did not cut cake at the wedding. In Kikuyu tradition, they cut the meat on the shoulder of a goat. Cakes came with European colonization. That said wedding cakes in Africa are taking on a more African feel. African wedding cake designs take on the form of safari themes, pot designs, earth colors and more.

African wedding cake in ceremonies today is usually fruit cake or sponge cake. Flowers and other shapes from icing are made to decorate the cake. As in weddings in Europe and around the world, the African wedding cake symbolizes the sweet life ahead of the couple. The couple shares the cake with their guests as a symbol of sharing the good fortune that is in their future. In feeding cake to one another, the newly wed couple is saying that they will nurture each other in the years to come. Here are some great pictures of African wedding cake designs to inspire you.

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