Former Miss Zimbabwe spits venom at boyfriend's ex

THE name Bongani Dhlakama surely does ring a bell, not only as a former Miss Zimbabwe but perhaps as an alleged husband snatcher too!

Dhlakama, who is known for keeping to herself and always shying away from the media, has some "kind words" for her boo's ex-wife — Thandazile Victoria Ndlovu, whom she is engaged in a court battle with.

In an interview with Sunday Leisure, the former Miss Zimbabwe beauty queen opened up on the matter and said it has gained her much attention for wrong reasons.

"People out there think that I snatched someone's man and now I am fighting for a man and that going to court about this matter was an unnecessary move yet it is not the case. There are a lot of twisted facts and people think that I was responsible for their (Thandazile and Bongani) break-up yet I came into the picture when Thandazile and my boyfriend had already parted ways," she said.
Bongani Dhlakama
Bongani Dhlakama

Dhlakama sought legal protection against Ndlovu, for allegedly harassing her by sending her defamatory messages, accusing her of snatching her husband.

Dhlakama reported the matter to the cops, who in turn launched an investigation, which led Ndlovu to appear in court facing charges of violating a section of the Post and Telecommunications Services Act.

Dhlakama said she was shocked by Ndlovu's behaviour, who she said worked for a mobile phone company, which made her better positioned to know of the consequences of sending offensive messages.

"I just want her to pick up the pieces, leave me and my boyfriend alone and in peace. She is not the first person to get divorced so she should just move on," she said.

Not only has Dhlakama gained popularity as an alleged husband or man snatcher but also as an "unrecognised and unappreciated" Miss Zimbabwe, as said by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust.

Dhlakama also had unkind words for the Trust.

"The fact that Miss Zimbabwe has fired three models within a space of six months shows that all is not well there. The frequent occurrence of these events casts a dark shadow on it. I look at South African pageantry and I have never heard of someone being dethroned," said Dhlakama.

Three Miss Zimbabwe models have been dethroned on allegations of having their nude pictures leaked on social media, a phenomenon which Miss Zim Trust says is unacceptable, as it promotes delinquent behaviour.

Dhlakama also urged modelling agencies to educate and groom models on how to conduct themselves, as well as to protect themselves from various adversities in the industry.

"This is a measure of preserving an already battered image of the Zimbabwean modelling industry," she said.

Dhlakama, who is perhaps the longest serving Miss Zim title holder said she was not yet out of the game.

"I am still into modelling. I am trying to keep in shape and right now I am willing to take any good offer that may come my way," she said.

Asked about the Bulawayo modelling industry, Dhlakama expressed disappointment.

"There is lot of talent and potential in Bulawayo but it's lacking support from the general public and corporate world. The country is biased towards soccer, other sports and politics. Modelling is not taken seriously as a profession and this is killing the modelling industry," she said.

Dhlakama is one model who managed to go through her reign without having the daunting task of always having to look behind her shoulder to cover up her tracks.

She was crowned in 2012 and held the crown until 2014 when another contest wes held.

In fact, Dhlakama's rise to fame in 2012, as Miss Zimbabwe really didn't make that much of an impact until she was marred by controversy recently.

Source: Sunday News

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