Another Zim Model Has Had Her N*de Pictures Leaked.

Another Zimbabwean model has had her nude pictures and video leaked on social media. Catherine Katakwa based in Bulawayo has gone beyond all the others before her.

In a 50 second video, the model, clad in a black bra and pink thong starts off by setting up the camera and stepping back to “film” herself in action.

She goes on to sexually stimulate herself with a finger while saying something inaudible before the video ends. In other pictures, the model can be seen topless, engaged in what appears to be sex with an unidentified man while exposing her privates.
Another Zim Model Has Had Her N*de Pictures Leaked.
Catherine could not be reached for commet as her phone was unreachable throughout the day when H-Metro tried contacting her.

However, her post on Facebook confirmed the nude pictures and explained the circumstances that might have led to the leak. She suggested that an ex-boyfriend deliberately leaked the nude pictures as way of fixing her for refusing his engagement ring.

Catherine even urged the ex to go back to school and complete his O-levels.

“I really don’t understand why guys (exes) start circulating nudes after you break up or when they see you are now a better person kuthwa settle for less even having the energy for recording a song up all night singing, which means uzwa ubuhlungu n my?

Why would you buy a ring if I was less kkkkk because I refused it now Im less kwaaa go bek to school n do your o levels maybe you might be better person nwaiy ive moved on so betta get the message.” — H-Metro.

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