Ready, steady... strip! KZN nude beach opens this weekend.

After months of applications, appeals and public backlashes, Mpenjati Beach near Trafalgar on the KZN south coast will finally be declared a nude beach over the Easter weekend.

Serge Pavlovic, chairperson of the South African Nudist Association (SANNA) confirmed in an email to Traveller24 that the launch will be going ahead as planned, despite recent resistance from a group of concerned locals.
Ready, steady... strip! KZN nude beach opens this weekend.
The Hibiscus Coast Municipality approved SANNA's application for Mpenjati to be declared nudist-friendly in October last year and set 3 April 2015, as the official opening date. The decision was, however, called into question earlier in March when a group called the Concerned Citizens of HCM objected on the basis of moral/ethical considerations, legal issues, environmental laws as well as socio-economic and cultural issues.

Their objection was raised in a council meeting, but found to hold no water, keeping plans on track for the Easter Weekend launch.

Pavlovic said that they were expecting a couple of hundred naturists at the beach on Saturday and Sunday and that they had various activities planned to celebrate the launch of South Africa's very first official nude beach.

"This is a 'try run' and we will have a volleyball set on the beach and do some silly games (sack races etc) in order to make everybody’s stay on the beach more enjoyable," he said.

Even though Sandy Bay in Cape Town is widely accepted to be a naturist beach, Pavlovic added that it is yet to be declared official.

"We will also have a petition for Sandy Bay to be declared a second official naturist beach in South Africa for people to sign. We have already collected over 700 signatures for this petition and if everything goes to plan with signatures collected on Mpenjati beach this weekend we will have more than 1 000 signatures." - Traveller24

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