Saturday, 7 April 2018

Chimutsanedako - This Is For Women!

Make sure you keep your children smart and take care of your hubby. After sex you should say "THANK YOU"or "MAZVITA MUKANYA, NZOU" e.t.c. You should also remember that your bedroom is not a court room, your bedroom is only for sex and prayer.
Chimutsanedako - This Is For Women!

Also to men ... Be a good husband to your wife. Try to spend much of you time with them when you are not at work. Do not try to cheat on your wife as this will bring more problems in your life.
If you see your wife is lacking on something, unotsvaga munhu anomudzidzisa. Lastly, vakadzi tinoda kutundiswa kwete kuti kana murume atunda wosiya mukadzi asina kutunda.

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