Saturday, 14 May 2016

Baby daddy (21) offers $30 monthly maintenance

A 17-YEAR-OLD girl approached the court claiming $200 maintenance per month for the upkeep of her minor child she sired with her 21-year-old boyfriend.

The teenage mom said she wanted money for a nanny as she intends to pursue her Ordinary Level studies.

"I intend to go back to school since I dropped out when I fell pregnant so I need money for the maid. I also want money for food, clothes and medical expenses," she said.
The baby daddy offered $30 per months as he claimed he was currently unemployed.
Baby daddy (21) offers $30 monthly maintenance
"I used to be a commuter omnibus driver but I no longer work there because the owner is selling the commuter omnibuses. I am surviving on part-time jobs and I am not earning much.

"I am getting peanuts and I cannot afford such an amount. I am also married and I have other responsibilities," he argued.

Presiding magistrate Yeukai Dzuda ordered him to pay $35 per month for the upkeep of his minor child.
Source: H-Metro

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